About The Religious Freedom Campaign

The Religious Freedom Campaign (RFC) is a movement comprised of individuals and organizations, spearheaded by the Christ Medicus Foundation, to promote the civil rights of medical conscience and religious freedom in health care. RFC provides public education about ongoing attacks on the right of conscience for both medical professionals and patients and builds support for those rights. The protection of human and civil rights of conscience and religious freedom is vital because: (1) medical conscience and religious freedom protects the principle of “do no harm” to the patient and thus safeguards the life and health of all patients; (2) conscience and religious freedom are foundational to all other civil rights; (3) medical conscience and religious freedom protect the human dignity of medical professionals and patients by ensuring both patients and doctors can make decisions based on their most deeply held beliefs.

Why does it matter?

Medical conscience and religious freedom are in danger in a way it has not before in modern American history. The things we care about the most may be lost. Change is happening, and the future is being decided. Will you take a stand with us? This generation has a specific responsibility, we cannot afford to sit by any longer.

What are we called to do?

  • Stand for medical conscience
  • Stand for religious freedom
  • Stand for civil rights
  • Stand for the value of faith in the public square

No one can do this alone. The Religious Freedom and Health Care Campaign needs your help! Rally people together around the banner of medical conscience, religious freedom, and human dignity. Connect with a community that gives mutual support, education and resources, encouragement to have a voice, and a platform to be heard.

But why?

  • The freedom of conscience is one of the most basic human and civil rights.
  • Conscience and religious freedom are vital to protecting the poor and most vulnerable
  • There can be no freedom without conscience.
  • Moral, ethical, and religious convictions are the foundation of the protection of human dignity
  • Receive medical care without compromising your beliefs and help others to do the same
  • Stay informed by getting the latest news and essential information. You can’t protect your rights if you don’t know the threats.

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